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Laundromat investments, by themselves, offer a success rate higher than most alternative investment opportunities. But that rate gets even higher when the investment is backed by the professionals at Speed Queen Financial Services. We only offer laundromat financing, so you can be sure that your customized plan is developed with laundry success in mind. We have more than 100 years of laundromat financing experience to dedicate to your small business investment opportunity. Furthermore, because we’re going to help you do everything possible to ensure your success, we’re willing to take on less established investors than our competitors.


Our seasoned experts will help you identify your short- and long-term business objectives in order to build a customized financial program that will help you reach your goals. And they’ll help you to continue developing your investment, every step of the way.


Our experienced laundry professionals personally manage your account from the beginning to the end of the loan — but it doesn’t stop there. Your contact will continue to tailor specific programs for future financing situations, such as updating your equipment or expanding your portfolio, to ensure ongoing success after your store opens.


Our finance programs can be specially formatted to put you in the best position for success, such as structuring your front-end payments to coincide with the projected ramp-up of your store. Whether you have one store or seven, we offer several options to make sure your financial plan is flexible and supports future growth.


We go the extra mile in ensuring that your personal and confidential information stays that way.

Acquisition Financing Program

Laundromat lending should come from laundromat experts. Even bankers agree — they simply can’t compete with acquisition financing
from vended laundry lending experts. It’s one of many reasons Speed Queen® Financial Services has financed more laundromats than
any other company in the world. Plus, our acquisition financing — at up to 65% of purchase price — is fast, flexible and requires less
money out of pocket. And when laundromat owners need to sell, they sell faster because they know who to recommend for financing.

To learn more about acquisition financing for laundromats, call us at 1-800-223-8408.

By The Numbers


Learn how Speed Queen® Financial Services is guiding laundromat investors to success through industry-leading, laundry-focused financing.

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