No Business Like The Laundromat Business

Every investment has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your own personal business goals. The laundromat business is no different. But with a unique combination of stability, flexibility and profitability, laundromat investments are in a class all by themselves.

NEARLY 94.5% SUCCESS RATE (10) 10. Speed Queen laundromat success rate is the number of NOT charged off loans per laundry divided by total numbers of loans originated from January 2001 through June 2013, based on experience of Speed Queen Financial Services.

Improve your chances for success compared to alternative investments through Speed Queen® Financial Services.

35% Average ROI (20) 20. Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]. Retrieved October 6, 2015, from  

Laundromat businesses located within the U.S. average between 20-35% 11. How to Start a Coin-Operated Laundry. (2008, January 31). Retrieved June 18, 2013, from Return on Investment.


Because clean clothes are a necessity, laundromat success is not tied to fluctuations in the economy.


The flexibility enjoyed by laundromat investors allows them to customize their business around their personal lives. One third of current laundromat investors consider their store a part-time job.


Customers pay up front, eliminating costs and time associated with tedious accounting responsibilities.


New, innovative equipment allows owners to maximize profitability and flexibility.


Your customers are the labor and your machines do the work, so you won’t need to hire a large staff, meaning more money for you. In fact, 70% of laundromat investors have 0-2 employees 7. Coin Laundry Industry Survey. (2003-2012). Coin Laundry Association. .


You can claim equipment depreciation as a loss on your annual taxes, creating additional opportunities to retain revenue.


90% of laundromat patrons become repeat customers.

The Stability Of The Laundromat Business

Over The Past 8 Years

Graph showing growth of laundromat industry
7. Coin Laundry Industry Survey. (2003-2012). Coin Laundry Association.

Since laundromats were introduced as a concept following WWII, the industry has experienced a steady climb in popularity. Today, population is as high as it’s ever been, and the percentage of renters is on the rise. Laundromats themselves are also seeing changes. New facilities are becoming bright, family-friendly multiservice centers that are desired destinations customers enjoy visiting.

As positive as the current state of the laundromat business is, the future looks even more promising. The overall population is steadily increasing while the percentage of renters follows along. Innovations in laundromat equipment continue to make ownership easier, more convenient and more profitable. With its current welcoming climate and a bright future ahead, there has never been a better time to invest in a laundromat.

A Speed Queen Case Study: Building A Profitable Future

See how Al Amiri was able to supplement his income by investing in the coin laundry business, which delivers high ROI (20) 20. Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]. Retrieved October 6, 2015, from with very little effort.

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